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Integrated health package

Synergy offers a wide variety of natural health care services. Our highly qualified team of practitioners are here to guide and support your journey to health and abundant vitality.

You are distinct with specific needs and goals. But most importantly you have choices: how to live your life; how to remain in tune with your body; and how to take an active role in maintaining it.

Our complimentary therapies recognise that optimal healing only takes place when as care providers we address the your emotional, mental and spiritual health in addition to your physical needs.

As a team we

Listen carefully to the history of the problem

Understand the whole person who has the problem

Present the entire range of treatment options available to you including alternative and complementary therapies as well as western medicine approaches utilising more than one element if appropriate.

Don't know who to see? Need guidance? Book a consultation with our Integrated Health Consultant.

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Synergy - Natural Health and Fitness Centre

162 Baslow Rd, Totley, Sheffield, S17 4DR

Telephone: 0114 235 7845


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